Are You Meshing?

By Gue

What was the first thought that came to mind? Some kind of funky, punk rock clothing perhaps. That makes sense because not so many people know about Mesh Wireless, but once you are done reading you will know all about it and sound like a tech expert – which might win you some cool points with your kids and co-workers.

Mesh is a boring networking term, but in layman’s terms think about a big net (perhaps like the ones a fisherman might use). There are points on the net (not the internet, but still our fisher’s net) that allow all those devices from cell phones to tablets to access the internet. You may be wondering how is this different than what you have right now – keep reading we’ll get there.

So when your friendly internet provider sends out their technician, they place that black box aka the router in some designated spot in your home (most likely the living room). That is cool at installation because all the other wires in your home are there so why not set-up there? What happens when you need to access the internet in another part of your home and now your signal is much weaker in say your bedroom, but you thought you had wireless internet everywhere? Mesh Wireless allows all the users in your home to have access with the best possible coverage and speed. Unfortunately, your internet provider would not sell this to you nor set it up for you. They will try to sell you on some higher speeds. Do not be deceived thinking this will improve the signal strength throughout your home.

To make sure you are maximizing your internet speeds along with having proper signal strength, this technology will benefit you greatly. You can go to your local electronic store or your favorite online retailer to purchase. Most importantly ASK QUESTIONS to your service provider about good placement of the router, what kind of speeds are being purchased, and never ever get DSL.

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