Isn’t She Lovely…

There she is. She’s such a beautiful bride. And look. Her bridesmaids…all coupled with the men of their dreams. I see her parents over there. They just celebrated 30 years of nuptials. The flower girls and ring bearers are running around in circles, innocently laughing and tripping over there shoelaces.  And there is that one girl sitting at the table with her home girls. She’s cute. Funny. Smart. Entertaining.  Caring and nurturing. She aspires to do great things in life. Her cake is half eaten. She has switched to flip-flops, because her feet hurt from wobbling and electric sliding. She has to sit this one out anyway, because it’s a “for couples only” dance. If this were a “favorite auntie, good friend, community helper, woman of God, listening ear, babysitter, ‘come through in the clutch for anyone of her friends’ “dance, she would be on the dance floor doing flips!  But. The DJ just reminded her that she has to sit this one out, because she isn’t a “couple”. Upset? Umm… I don’t know.  I guess, maybe? Devastated?  No she got over that feeling five years ago. She sits there with mixed emotions.  She’s elated for her friend, and trying to maintain self-control and not eat the other half of that cake, or she won’t be able to fit in one of those dresses her friend is wearing.That reminds her… she hasn’t worked out in two weeks. Crap. There’s so much to do when she gets home. Now she’s running through a list of things to do before Monday.  And then she hears a familiar tune. “If you think you’re lonely now, wait until tonight girl.” Well there you have it. She decided to eat the last half of the cake.

In this series, I endeavor to explore, share, and shine light on this journey called “singlehood”. It can be one of the greatest gifts and one of the greatest burdens, simultaneously. This journey is filled to the brim with mountaintop highs and valley lows, joy unexplainable, and questions that haven’t been answered. This journey is, however, tremendously designed to introduce you to one of God’s favorite people: Yourself.

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