Being a Good Steward Over My Health

By Princess Akeema

When I get ill or sick, I used to always think that I ‘caught’ that bug that was going around or believed that since it was winter time everyone gets sick in the cold. Rarely would I consider the part I played in helping myself prevent and avoid sickness. Without making a blanket statement on everything being my fault or not my fault, I rather would like to focus on the things that I can help. Like, do I participate in activities and eat foods that support my own health? Many people are like how I used to be and never contemplated that just maybe I could be proactive in health rather than reactionary in health. It has been very tough for me because I am part of a system [we are entangled in many systems, but stay with me on this healthcare piece] that unfortunately benefits from my sickness. Thinking to myself and looking back at all the years I spent sick, tired, full of headaches, discolored skin issues, and so many other things I look forward to sharing with you in later articles: But back to my responsibilities.

I could not and cannot live my life on the premise that since I have not been taught a thing, it is not my responsibility. It would be easy to know what to do, but much of learning about my health and how to care for my body came through experiencing illness and pain. This was truly one area I would have preferred instruction over that experience, but alas it is what it is. Plus, it is a glorious thing to search out information on a matter.

Given a choice of meds or change my diet, limited mobility or exercise daily, strengthen this body or possibly not be able to walk…it sounds grand that I choose the option to take control of my situation, but it came with lots of defeated thoughts, tears, relapses, and overcoming failures (in both my mind and physical body).

Stewardship is not just learning the concept, but putting into action that which you know. Stewardship is a responsibility to have in all areas of your life that speaks to your appreciation of what you have, understanding that you do not own the rights (understanding the cost), as well as demonstrating to others how to handle a thing. For me, my life (which includes my health), it includes living a healthy lifestyle based on what I have learned that my body needs to thrive and be its best. My hope and endeavor always are to be a leader and encouragement in this area!

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